Liverpool Half Marathon

So today was a whole different sunday for a few of us at Gifts For Me And You. Not a relaxing sunday most of us usually hope for but instead we decided to run a whole 13 miles are we crazy! We decided early on this year to take part in the liverpool half marathon so we had something to train towards and achieve and we can finally say its complete.

One of us at Gifts For Me And You had already taken part in this event last year and was eager to complete the run again so more of us decided to sign up as well. After months of training the day finally came and it was a tough few hours getting through the course. Most of had trained up to about 10 miles so we knew we could go that far which actually wasn’t too bad on the day. However after those 10 miles the last 3 was an absolute killer but we all encouraged each other through it. Usually us england lot wish for nice weather but today it was way too hot especially on the prom were you couldn’t even feel a hint of breeze.

We finally got to the last mile, all the drums were playing and the crowd was cheering, it was such a great feeling inside especially seeing our family and friends at the finish line. We all got through it together and are so proud of ourselves for completing the whole 13 miles without stopping. So now were all at home relaxing feeling very stiff haha but its back to work tomorrow planning something very special for next sunday. Our big event memories matter for the charity alzheimers research is coming up and we have lots and lots to do, garments to make, setting up to do, advertisements to create so we best get back to it. Thank you for all your support after our big day it was such a great journey and a big achievement.






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